"Gary was a great teacher who ... led a team of 10+ engineering staff and interns in the creation of a Python software cloud architecture on Amazon EC2, for the successful launch of a SaaS product, Alfonso."

-Sloan Kulper, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Lifespans, Ltd., client

"Thanks for adapting the consultancy/training to suit my company and project needs. Greatly helped in laying the foundation for all our current and upcoming projects!"

-Reeve Liew, Director (Sales & Operations), Intrasys, client

Get in touch: info@ygitsoftware.com

Are you a ...

... start-up & would like to use version control / code reviews?

... company & use Python (pandas, numpy) or Rust in software architecture workflows?

... small business & want to leverage Amazon EC2 instances?

I can help!

"Gary ran a fleet of fuzzers which were ... making our whole team much more productive and efficient ... Also, Gary is just a really great person, always positive and constructive..."

- Luke Wagner, co-creator of WebAssembly & asm.js

"At Mozilla ... he did a fantastic job. He stayed on top of things. And his positive attitude was catching. I wish we'd had three or four of him."

- Jason Orendorff, ex-module owner of SpiderMonkey, JavaScript Engine of Mozilla Firefox

Bringing a decade+ of experience in the US - Silicon Valley - over to you

Serving clients across continents / timezones in Asia, North America


Version control (Git/GitHub)

Code review processes

Software architecture workflows


版本控制 (Git/GitHub)




Senno Technology Inc., Taiwan, client

D2V Ltd (AGL Systems), Hong Kong, previous client

Talks (shortlist)

Hong Kong

香港開源年會 2023

COSCUP 2019 (Mandarin), Taipei, Taiwan

開源人年會 2019