About Gary

Gary is the Principal at yGit Software, and has immense passion in helping companies and their employees optimize their workflows for software development. 

With 20 years of technical experience, mostly for Silicon Valley companies, and public speaking experience at top open source conferences in Asia, he is well-versed in multiple languages and cultures to make students feel comfortable in asking questions and create a conducive learning environment.

Gary graduated with a BComp (Hons) in Information Systems from the National University of Singapore.


"I worked with Gary over the years at Mozilla, where he was a fuzzing engineer with years of experience, focusing on the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine, one of the most complex and security-sensitive parts of Firefox. His work over the years uncovered thousands of highly severe security bugs in Firefox before they reached users, and allowed our engineers to find subtle issues that were almost invisible to anyone's eyes."

- Ehsan Akhgari, ex-Principal Engineer for Firefox at Mozilla Corp

"I worked with Gary for several years while developing SpiderMonkey, the JavaScript engine in Firefox. Gary was able to turn up many valuable bugs and help us quickly ship a faster and more secure product. He was always responsive and helpful in understanding, reproducing, and simplifying these issues. "

- Brian Hackett, Chief Technology Officer at Record Replay Inc.

'At Mozilla, working on Firefox's JavaScript engine, Gary was a fantastic partner in finding and fixing (often security-sensitive) bugs. Gary ran a fleet of fuzzers which were always finding new test cases which Gary would reduce, categorize and characterize, making our whole team much more productive and efficient at fixing everything he found. In those rare, hard "Heisenbug" scenarios, Gary was always of great assistance, helping us reproduce and verify the fix. Also, Gary is just a really great person, always positive and constructive, which makes life so much nicer in the otherwise-stressful environment of debugging.'

- Luke Wagner, Distinguished Engineer at Fastly, co-creator of WebAssembly & asm.js

'At Mozilla, Gary's job was to find and report critical bugs, the kind that affected the security and stability of the product. He did a fantastic job. He stayed on top of things. And his positive attitude was catching. I wish we'd had three or four of him. Gary's work at Mozilla was not typical QA, security, site reliability, or software engineering work. It was a mix of all four, and it combined powerfully with the more typical roles, which we also had. Gary's systems found problems we could not have found any other way, and he produced crystal-clear bug reports that engineers were often able to fix in a few hours. Gary's style of bridging the gap between these complex fuzzing systems and our software engineers was extremely valuable in helping us improve product security and stability. '

- Jason Orendorff, Staff Software Engineer at GitHub, ex-Mozilla Corp, ex-module owner of SpiderMonkey, JavaScript Engine of Mozilla Firefox

'I've had the chance of working with Gary at Mozilla in his role as Fuzzing Security expert. Gary struck me as an engineer who could design and implement comprehensive analysis plans even for highly difficult projects such as the ones we encounter in the design of emerging web standards. Working with him was a pleasure! '

- David Teller, ex-Tech Lead, JavaScript language at Mozilla Corp

'Gary has a unique set of talents that make him a joy to work with, not only does he understand technical issues but he is also adept at asking the correct questions to understand motivations and assumptions and drive for the best answers to tough questions. His ability to speak multiple languages has been of great value as well, in allowing contributors to get some assistance in their native tongue. Gary has a positive attitude even in difficult situations and a natural curiosity that serves him well in growing his skills in a personable and open manner.'

- Curtis Koenig, ex-Sr. Security Program Manager at Mozilla Corp

Browser database credits

Mozilla Firefox (SpiderMonkey) 3,500+ total, 300+ security

Google Chrome (V8) 20+

Microsoft Edge (ChakraCore) 3+